The Group at a glance

Quest Holdings is one of the largest groups of companies in Greece, founded in 1981 with the name Info-Quest and is today an established and dynamically growing Group in the fields of information technology, green energy and small parcel moving (courier services).

The Group is a major player in the entire spectrum of the ICT market, from the manufacturing and distribution of products to the design, application and support of IT Solutions for large organizations of the private and public sectors. Quest Holdings coordinates its activities in this market via its affiliated companies: Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems and iSquare.   

In the Green Energy sector, the Group implements large solar and wind farm projects in electricity production, with licensed power exceeding 330 MW. In this market, Quest Holdings is active through Quest Energy and its subsidiaries.

The Group is also active in the Courier Services sector, through the largest Greek company if the field, ACS Courier.

The total Groups sales amounted € 353 million in 2016. The Group workforce exceeds 1500 people, with high educational standards and postgraduate qualifications. Group policy is to attract high quality manpower.

The Group operates under a particular system of principles and values, respecting customers, partners, employees and shareholders and acts with the sense of social and environmental responsibility. 

Quest Group

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