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Citizen jim

TFunk on top, Rock at the bottom! With influences by Rage Against the Machine, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Eminem and many other great artists Jim and his band enjoy to mixing genres in their own kind of fashion!*


Citizen Jim

Jim started writing Rock songs 4 years ago by playing each instrument on his own. In other words as a one man band artist. One year ago he decided to record his first professional album named, “Winners of Losers.” It’s mini EP version will soon be out followed by live appearances. Work on the album’s full length version will begin soon. The album was created with the help and support of producer, music engineer and musician George Simatos at the studio “Paraktio.”
All of the songs are based on Jim’s old demos.


Citizen Jim

The band:
Keyboads: George Ahas Lignos (also a member of Danger Angel, Spanky Fuzz, ParaΦonik)
Lead El. Guitar: Spyros Georgantas (also a member of Balme Kandinsky, Cadillac Dreamers, Spanky Fuzz)
Bass: Theodore Stavrianos (also a member of Mama Sings Fire, Dead Sidewalkers)
Drums: Chris Vigos (also a member of Blame Kandinsky, Melentini and the Running Blue Orchestra, Spanky Fuzz, ParaΦonik)
*Musical Director / Producer: George Ahas Lignos